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Tod’s was born in the early 1900 when Filippo Della Valle built up a shoes workshop in Marche, an Italian well known region for its artisans and the excellent know-how leather working.

During 40s, Dorino Della Valle expanded the activity into a small shoes manufacture company working for the most known brands of that time. In 1975 Diego Della Valle transformed the company in a leading luxury brand well known worldwide for its Made in Italy.

Tod’s presents the new eyewear collection, which revolves around two themes. The first theme of Iconic is made up of standout frames characterized by exclusive leather detailing from skillful manufacturing techniques. These frames feature leather threading, a unique stitching technique done entirely by the hands of expert Italian artisans. Also appearing in this segment is leather braiding, the skillful art of weaving colored leather strips together to lend a distinctive, handcrafted feel to each product. The second theme, Timeless, lends a contemporary, elegant twist to retro-inspired frames through the instantly recognizable metal T detail. Other signature elements of Tod’s frames include vintage inspirations and premium materials inspired by the brand’s at large.

New to this collection is a larger, bolder T detail. This iconic element adds the perfect level of distinctiveness and appears throughout other new releases in the Tod’s accessories collections.