TAVAT Eyewear
Handcrafted in Italy


Each TAVAT frame is produced in small batches by some of the best eyewear artisans in the Northeast of Italy, an area famous for eyewear manufacturing.
An area steeped in history and tradition, also considered as the “birthplace of eyewear,” with the first wearable glasses appearing in the 13th century.
Since then, the area has become famous for its artisans, praised for their dedication to their skill, and truly embodies a place where old-world workmanship meets cutting-edge technology.





Designed in California, Handcrafted in Italy


TAVAT is a design-driven family company based in the foothills of the Dolomites. We specialize in providing
technical products of excellent quality, with each frame produced in small batches by some of the best eyewear
artisans in Northern Italy. We join performance and design with great respect for tradition. Eyewear crafted by
hand yet we incorporate modern materials, innovative production methods and ethical business practices.




TAVAT’s commitment is to highlight the very best in lens technology that is available today, which not only meet the specific performance requirements for the professional and enthusiast alike, but also offers a high degree of long-term eye protection and improved visual performance
TAVAT chooses melanin enhanced lenses for all sunglasses… creating the perfect combination of performance, function, and design.
We go beyond than just shielding you eyes from the harmful UV. Your eyes will be safe to explore any frontier or cityscape and amplify the world’s true vivd colors in detail.




Melanin is the naturally occurring pigment found throughout the human body. Its role is to protect us against sunlight damage, by filtering Ultraviolet (UV) and High Energy Visible (HEV) light, better known as “Violet-Blue Light.” Melanin is in fact the best natural defense against the harmful effects of the sun.




TAVAT’s sunglass lenses are infused with a synthetic melanin to provide the ultimate in eye protection, improving clarity, enhancing contrast, without any color distortion.
TAVAT’s sunglass lenses are inspired by the natural defenses of the human body against the sun. The synthetic melanin acts in the same way as natural melanin, just like a shield against both UV rays and up to 97% of the harmful violet-blue light (HEV). It’s as if you are applying the equivalent of SPF 140 to your skin. This means higher protection and better performance at the same time.
The differences between regular sunglass lenses and Polarized sunglass lenses are known.
TAVAT offers both types of lenses, specific to performance needs, but ALL with the addition of melanin.


Melanin makes the difference.




It is the highest-energy visible light, commonly referred to as “poison-to-the-eye!”


Violet-Blue Light is believed, by experts, to increase the risk of macular degeneration.
All sunglass lenses reduce to some extent the light entering the eyes, however only MELANIN takes out the bulk of the HEV light whilst preserving color integrity, improving definition and protecting the eye for the long term effects of damage due to HEV light hitting the retina.
All quality sunglass lenses that conform to international optical standards block 100% UV 400: UVA + UVB



block 100 % UV 400: UVA + UVB and up to 97% of Violet-Blue (HEV) light



Bronze is the natural color of melanin. This offers the highest protection against HEV light. This “High Protection and Contrast Lens” provides a beautiful warm tint, improves depth perception, while highlighting colors, heightening contrast and comforting your eyes.
Best for Bright and Sunny Days


Neutral Grey is perfect for general, all-purpose use, and is suitable on both cloudy and sunny days. They provide true color perception whilst being dark enough to provide overall protection. They provide anti- fatigue benefits and overall protection from glare.
Best for Every Day Use


When most lenses are too dark, this lens offers higher transmission allowing for better contrast and colour enhancement. Green lenses have a way of reducing glare while brightening shadows and transmitting all colors evenly.
Best for Low-Light Environments